Firebreather 11 years old

Forged in Darkness, Born in Flames


It's not easy being a teen like Duncan. His mom wants him to pay more attention to his homework, while his dad - a 120-foot-tall monster known as a Kaiju - wants him to become the next King of All Monsters. When these worlds collide, Duncan must use his human wits and his Kaiju powers - including super strength, agility and the ability to breathe fire - to protect his family and friends from a giant monster rampage.


Firebreather Cast

Name Character
Grey DeLisle She was 37, now 49 years old as Ms. Dreakford (voice)
Nicole Sullivan She was 40, now 52 years old as Dr. Pytel (voice)
Reed Diamond He was 43, now 55 years old as Barnes (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson He was 46, now 57 years old as Belloc (voice)
Dana Delany She was 54, now 66 years old as Margaret Rosenblatt (voice)
Gary Anthony Williams He was 44, now 56 years old as Principal Dave / Troy's Dad (voice)
Josh Keaton He was 31, now 43 years old as Troy (voice)
Dante Basco He was 35, now 47 years old as Kenny Rogers (voice)
Jameson Moss He was 19, now 31 years old as Big Rob (voice)
Tia Texada She was 38, now 50 years old as Isabel (voice)
Billy Evans He was 126, 71 years old when he died as Steve (voice)
Tom Tartamella as Whitey (voice)

Firebreather Crew

Name Department
Peter Chung as Director. He was 49 (now 61) years old Directing
Julia Pistor as Executive Producer. Production
Toby Chu as Original Music Composer. He was 33 (now 45) years old Sound
Barry Jackson as Production Design. He was 72 (75) years old when He died Art
Ramsey Ann Naito as Executive Producer. She was 46 (now 58) years old Production
Carrie Wilksen as Producer. Production
Phil Hester as Story. He was 44 (now 56) years old Writing
Andy Kuhn as Story. Writing
James Krieg as Writer. He was 60 (now 72) years old Writing
Peter Tomaszewicz as Editor. He was 52 (now 63) years old Editing
Fred Gambino as Art Direction. He was 54 (now 66) years old Art
Thomas Perkins as Animation. He was 78 (84) years old when He died Visual Effects
Bret Marnell as Additional Editing. Editing
Vince Aniceto as Line Producer. Production
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Firebreather (11 years)

Forged in Darkness, Born in Flames

  • Release day: Wednesday, November 24, 2010
  • Runtime: 70 minutes