Delete 10 years old


Delete imagines a disaster in our all-too-fragile digital world where all computers could become dangerously self-aware with one systematic purpose–to destroy mankind. Faced with possible extinction, there is only one way out–create a second artificial intelligence, just as alive, just as intelligent and just as dangerous.


Seth Green
Seth Green


Andrew Airlie
Andrew Airlie

Marcus Trumaine

Graeme Duffy
Graeme Duffy

Desmond Smith

Agam Darshi
Agam Darshi

Dr. Singh

Gil Bellows
Gil Bellows

Lt. General Michael Overson

Daniel Bacon
Daniel Bacon

Black Ops #5


Name Character
Seth Green He was 39 , now 49 years old as Lucifer
Andrew Airlie He was 51 , now 62 years old as Marcus Trumaine
Graeme Duffy as Desmond Smith
Agam Darshi She was 33 , now 43 years old as Dr. Singh
Gil Bellows He was 46 , now 56 years old as Lt. General Michael Overson
Daniel Bacon He was 42 , now 53 years old as Black Ops #5
Paul McGillion He was 44 , now 54 years old as Raymond Vince
Matt Frewer He was 55 , now 65 years old as Arthur Bowden
Ryan Robbins He was 40 , now 51 years old as Max Hollis
Blu Mankuma He was 65 , now 75 years old as Gen. Cassius Giles USAF
Janet Kidder She was 41 , now 51 years old as Elizabeth Hardington
Rukiya Bernard She was 30 , now 40 years old as Victoria "Tori" Mendes
Erin Karpluk She was 34 , now 45 years old as Jesse White
Zak Santiago He was 32 , now 42 years old as Captain
Emily Holmes She was 36 , now 46 years old as Naomi Overson
Peter New He was 41 , now 52 years old as Nillwood
Keir Gilchrist He was 20 , now 31 years old as Daniel Gerson
Michael Rogers He was 33 , now 43 years old as Sgt. Sloan
Amitai Marmorstein as Cliff
Elizabeth Thai She was 34 , now 44 years old as Nurse
Hiro Kanagawa He was 49 , now 60 years old as Black Ops #3
Lane Edwards as Aide (Kevin)
Theresa Russell She was 56 , now 66 years old as Fiona
Adam Greydon Reid as Colonel Poterson
Daren A. Herbert He was 37 , now 47 years old as Officer #2
Jessica Lee She was 37 , now 47 years old as Interpreter
Craig Veroni as Cop
Artine Brown He was 39 , now 49 years old as Railway Worker
David Haysom He was 32 , now 43 years old as Black Ops #1
Jason Diablo as Bridge Officer
Kett Turton He was 31 , now 41 years old as Major Kensington
Ed Anders as Man in Green Jacket
Anthony Shim as Harold
Stephen Chang as General Tan
Don Thompson He was 80 , 73 years old when he died as Miles Maxford
Mark Brandon as Anchor


Name Job title
Ross Dempster Art He was 41 , now 51 years old Production Design
Joel Ransom Camera Director of Photography
Lynn Kressel Production She was 54 , now 65 years old Casting
Jori Woodman Costume & Make-Up Costume Design
Jonathan Shore Crew He was 44 , now 54 years old Post Production Supervisor
Jonathan Shore Production He was 44 , now 54 years old Executive Producer
Richard Patterson Crew He was 50 , now 60 years old CG Supervisor
Jonathan Walker Production He was 214 , 79 years old when he died Associate Producer
Douglas G. Davis Production Executive Producer
Mary Anne Waterhouse Production Producer
Maureen Webb Production Casting
Dan Clarke Production He was 29 , now 40 years old Producer
Shawn Williamson Production He was 48 , now 58 years old Executive Producer
Michael Nachoff Crew Thanks
Scott J. Ateah Crew Stunt Coordinator
Kevin Belen Sound Sound Effects Editor
Iain Pattison Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Bill Mellow Sound Sound Effects Editor
Jamie Alain Editing Editor
Hal Beckett Sound Music Supervisor
Rose Garnett Production She was 43 , now 53 years old Associate Producer
Leonardo A. Barragán Sound Sound Effects Editor
Karyn Edwards Production Executive Producer
Delete poster
Delete (10 years)


  • First Air Date: 2013-08-19
  • Runtime: [88] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 2