California Hall of Fame Winners

People with California Hall of Fame


Name Title
Albert Warner Film executive
Alice Waters American chef activist and author
Amadeo Giannini American businessman
Amelia Earhart American aviator
Amy Tan Writer
Andrew Grove Co-founder of Intel
Anne Lamott Novelist essayist memoirist activist
Betty White Actress
Billie Jean King American former tennis player
Bruce Lee Martial artist
Buck Owens American musician
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Fighter pilot
Carlos Santana American–Mexican Guitarist
Carlos Santana (footballer) Costa Rican footballer
Carol Burnett Actress comedienne singer dancer writer
Cesar Chavez farm worker labor leader and activist
Charles M. Schulz American cartoonist creator of the Peanuts comic strip
Charles Schulz Cartoonist
Charlotta Bass American newspaper publisher
Chuck Yeager American World War II flying ace and test pilot; first pilot to fly faster than sound
Clint Eastwood Actor director film producer composer politician
Corita Kent Pop artist
Danielle Steel American Novelist
Dave Brubeck American musician composer
David Ho Sound
David Hockney English artist painter printmaker
David Packard American electrical engineer co-founder of Hewlett-Packard businessman U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense philanthropist recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom
Dolores Huerta American labor leader
Donald Fisher American businessman
Doris Fisher
Dorothea Lange American documentary photographer and photojournalist
Dr. Dre African American hip hop producer and rapper
Dr. Seuss American cartoonist children's animator and writer
Earl Warren United States federal judge
Elizabeth Blackburn Australian-born American biological researcher
Elizabeth Taylor Actress
Ellen Ochoa Astronaut
Francis Ford Coppola Director producer screenwriter
Frank Gehry Pritzker Prize-winning architect
Fritz Scholder Luiseño painter and printmaker educator
George Lucas American filmmaker
George P. Shultz Politician and United States Marine Corps officer
George Takei Actor
Greg Boyle
Gregory Bateson English anthropologist social scientist linguist visual anthropologist semiotician and cyberneticist
Harrison Ford American actor
Harrison Ford (silent film actor) Actor
Harry Warner Film studio executive
Harvey Milk American politician
Henry J. Kaiser American entrepreneur businessman

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