Season of the Witch 13 years old

Not all souls can be saved.

Season of the Witch

A 14th century Crusader returns with his comrade to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. The Church commands the two knights to transport a witch to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence.


Season of the Witch Cast

Name Character
Stephen Graham He was 37, now 50 years old as Hagamar
Nicolas Cage He was 47, now 60 years old as Behman
Ron Perlman He was 60, now 74 years old as Felson
Nicholas Sidi He was 44, now 58 years old as Priest
Ulrich Thomsen He was 47, now 60 years old as Eckhardt
Christopher Lee He was 88, 93 years old when he died as Cardinal D'Ambroise
Claire Foy She was 26, now 40 years old as The Girl
Stephen Campbell Moore He was 31, now 44 years old as Debelzaq
Robert Sheehan He was 23, now 36 years old as Kay
Matt Devere as Sergeant in Arms
Rory McCann He was 41, now 55 years old as Soldier Commander
Fernanda Dorogi She was 29, now 42 years old as Givaudon
Elen Rhys She was 27, now 40 years old as Peasant Girl
Rebekah Kennedy She was 26, now 40 years old as Peasant Trurk Girl
Barna Illyés as Cardinal's Priest

Season of the Witch Crew

Name Department
Tom Karnowski as Executive Producer. He was 58 (now 71) years old Production
Tom Karnowski as Unit Production Manager. He was 58 (now 71) years old Production
Dan Zimmerman as Editor. He was 36 (now 50) years old Editing
Alan Glazer as Executive Producer. Production
Vera Matousova as Production Coordinator. She was 53 (now 66) years old Production
Happy Walters as Music Supervisor. Sound
Alex Gartner as Producer. Production
Elaine Grainger as Casting. Production
Ryan Kavanaugh as Executive Producer. He was 36 (now 49) years old Production
Tucker Tooley as Executive Producer. He was 43 (now 56) years old Production
John Bruno as Visual Effects Design Consultant. He was 11 (13) years old when He died Crew
Dominic Sena as Director. He was 61 (now 74) years old Directing
Uli Hanisch as Production Design. He was 44 (now 57) years old Art
Atli Örvarsson as Original Music Composer. He was 40 (now 53) years old Sound
Bragi Schut as Writer. Writing
Carlo Poggioli as Costume Design. He was 52 (now 65) years old Costume & Make-Up
Zsolt Csutak as Casting. Production
Jason Hewitt as Production Supervisor. He was 27 (now 40) years old Production
Kai Koch as Supervising Art Director. He was 24 (now 37) years old Art
Gloria Fan as Co-Producer. Production
Tibor Lázár as Art Direction. He was 81 (now 95) years old Art
Amir Mokri as Director of Photography. He was 54 (now 67) years old Camera
Richard Sharkey as Unit Production Manager. Production
Steve Alexander as Executive Producer. Production
Season of the Witch poster
Season of the Witch (13 years)

Not all souls can be saved.

  • Release day: Friday, January 07, 2011
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Budget: 40000000.00
  • Revenue: 91627228.00