The Walls Talk (Las paredes hablan) 9 years old

A tragic and epic love that transcends time and generations unites Maria and Javier forever. During important periods in Mexico (The War of Independence, the Revolution and current times) these souls play out their destiny facing political squabbles, social pressures, family hatred and historical battles, seeking to make a relationship flower which seems fated to die.


The Walls Talk Cast

Name Character
Paulina Gaitán She was 20, now 30 years old as Lupe
Kuno Becker He was 34, now 44 years old as Javier
Gerardo Taracena He was 42, now 52 years old as El Ojaiz
Silverio Palacios He was 45, now 55 years old as El Silver
Marta Aura She was 70, now 80 years old as voz - Casa Espíritu
Mario Zaragoza He was 52, now 62 years old as Gutiérrez
Joaquín Cosío He was 50, now 60 years old as Carlín
Héctor Bonilla He was 73, now 83 years old as Vértiz
Aurora Clavel She was 76, now 86 years old as Doña Luz
Mar Carrera She was 48, now 58 years old as Lucía
María Aura She was 30, now 39 years old as María
Miguel Rodarte He was 41, now 50 years old as Julian
Geraldine Zinat She was 39, now 48 years old as Esperanza

The Walls Talk Crew

Name Department
The Walls Talk poster
The Walls Talk (9 years)

  • Release day: Friday, December 07, 2012
  • Runtime: 96 minutes