Knight of the Legion of Honour Winners

People with Knight of the Legion of Honour


Name Title
'Abd Al-Ahad Khan
'Abd al-Ahad Khan Emir of the Manghit dynasty
A. J. Liebling American journalist
A. Peter Dewey United States Army officer and journalist
Abel Decaux French organist and composer
Abel Ferry french politicain
Abel Lafleur French artist
Abel-Dominique Boyé French painter
Abel-Nicolas Bergasse Dupetit Thouars French Navy admiral
Abraham Foxman Director for Anti-Defamation League
Abraham-Louis Breguet French engineer and clockmaker
Achille Daroux French politician
Achille Devéria French painter
Achille Raffray Entomologist and zoologist
Achille Zo Painter
Achille-Louis-Joseph Sirouy Engraver and painter
Adeline André
Adil Rami Footballer
Adolfo Bioy Casares Argentine novelist
Adolphe Appian French painter
Adolphe Colrat French Polynesian politician
Adolphe De Ségur-Lamoignon
Adolphe Fraissinet
Adolphe Lemoine French actor and playwright
Adolphe Napoléon Didron French art historian and archaeologist
Adolphe Pégoud French flying ace
Adolphe Perraud Catholic cardinal
Adolphe Pictet Swiss linguists
Adolphe Pontillon
Adolphe Sax Entrepreneur
Adolphe Willette French artist
Adolphe-André Porée French historian and archaeologist
Adolphe-Simon Neboux Surgeon and naturalist
Adolphe-Théodore Brongniart Botanist
Adoor Gopalakrishnan Indian film director
Adrian Carton de Wiart Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Adrien Charles Deshommets de Martainville French politician
Adrien Decourcelle
Adrien Goetz French writer
Adrien Hardy Rower
Adrien Loir
Adrien Zeller French politician
Adrien-Jean-Albert Chanoine
Agathon Léonard French artist
Agnès Desarthe Writer
Agnès Letestu French ballet dancer
Ahmad Jarba Syrian leader and politician
Aïchatou Mindaoudou Nigerien politician
Aimé Jacquet French Footballer and manager
Aimé Lepercq

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