Hubbard Medal Winners

People with Hubbard Medal


Name Title
Albert William Stevens United States Army officer
Bertrand Piccard Swiss balloonist and psychiatrist
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Fighter pilot
Charles Lindbergh Aviator
Don Walsh American oceanographer
EO Wilson Biologist
Ernest Shackleton Antarctic Explorer
Frank Borman American astronaut
George J. Dufek United States admiral
George Schaller American naturalist
Gilbert F. White American geographer
Jacques Piccard Explorer
James Cameron Film director
Jane Goodall Biologist primatologist conservationist
Jim Lovell American astronaut
John Glenn (judge) American judge
John Young Actor
Louis Leakey Paleoanthropologist
Marie Tharp Oceanographer and cartographer
Mary Douglas Leakey
Mary Leakey British anthropologist
Matthew Henson Explorer
Michael Collins Editing
Neil Armstrong American astronaut; first human to set foot on the Moon
Neil deGrasse Tyson Astrophysicist
Orvil A. Anderson U.S. Army Air Service soldier and pioneer balloonist
Paul Siple American explorer
Peter H. Raven American botanist
Richard E. Byrd United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
Richard Leakey Paleontologist archaeologist and conservationist
Roald Amundsen Norwegian explorer
Robert Ballard (athlete) Australian track and field athlete
Robert Bartlett Explorer
Robert Crippen NASA astronaut flew on the first space shuttle mission
Robert Peary United States admiral
Roy Chapman Andrews US explorer?adventurer/naturalist
Sylvia Earle American oceanographer
William Anders United States general

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