Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Winners

People with Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature


Name Title
Amy Hobby Film producer
Amy J. Berg Filmmaker
Ara Chekmayan Director
Arnold Shapiro American television producer
Asif Kapadia British film director
Barbara Kopple American film/documentary director
Ben Sharpsteen Film director Film producer
Bernhard Grzimek German zoologist
Bill McGaw Film producer
Bryan Foy Film producer Film director
Carroll Ballard American film director
Castleton Knight British film producer and film director.
Charles Guggenheim American film director and producer
Connie Field Director
David L. Wolper American television producer
Davis Guggenheim Filmmaker
Deborah Hoffmann Director
Dore Schary Screenwriter playwright film director studio executive
Evgeny Afineevsky
Fisher Stevens American actor
Frank Donner
Freida Lee Mock Director
Gianfranco Rosi Italian boxer
Guy Glover
Hall Bartlett American filmmaker
Hava Kohav Beller Writer
Heidi Ewing Director
Hugo Niebeling Director
Irwin Allen Film producer
Jack Arnold Director
Jacques Cousteau French diver author marine biologist and naval officer
James Blue Director
James Gay-Rees Film producer
James Longley Director
Janice Loeb Director
Jean Bach Director
Jeremy Scahill American journalist
Jerome Hill American film director
Jill Godmilow Director
John Korty Director
John W. Dower American historian
Joshua Oppenheimer American film director
Julia Reichert Director
Julie Goldman Film producer
Justin Wilkes Film producer
Larry Lansburgh Director
Laura Poitras Director
Lee Goodman Actor
Leon Clore Film producer
Lesley Chilcott

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