Oriel College

People from Oriel College


Name Title
Charles Handy Irish economist
Martin Mills
John Nunn English chess grandmaster and chess problemist
William Broderip British lawyer and naturalist
Joseph Brain Cricketer
George Whalley English professor
Kenneth O. Morgan British historian
A. N. Ray Indian judge
Richard Wimbush Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church
Wilfrid Sellars American philsopher
William Morfill Professor of Russian and the other Slavonic languages at the University of Oxford
John Spencer-Churchill British Conservative Cabinet Minister, Politician, And Nobleman
Piers Mackesy British military historian
Philip Stewart-Brown English cricketer
Alan Haselhurst British politician
Gilbert Vassall English cricketer
Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot British politician
Robin Ejsmond-Frey British rower
Charles Augustus Murray British diplomat
Crispin Davis British businessman
John Vidler English cricketer
George Bridgewater Rower
Christopher Merret Naturalist first to describe sparkling wine production
Richard Tolson Lawyer and politician
Robert Wilberforce Archdeacon of East Riding
Johnnie Boden British businessman
Renn Hampden British politician
Francis Chenevix Trench British theologian
Clifford Barker Bishop of Selby; Bishop of Whitby
William Pole-Carew British politician
Charles Hulme British psychologist
Neville Ford Cricketer
David Arculus British media figure businessman
Iain Torrance Professor and author of theology President of theological institution
Calybute Downing
William Evans (English cricketer) Cricketer
David Chillingworth Scottish bishop
Charles Henry Pearson Australian historian educationist politician and journalist
Alston May Anglican bishop
Robert Alfred Cloyne Godwin-Austen British geologist
Alexander R. Todd Biologist
Cecil Rhodes English businessman and politician in colonial South Africa
Levi Fox Archivist for the city of Coventry director of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust local historian author
Francis Mount
Walter W. Arndt Scholar and translator of German and Russian
Nicol Anderson Archdeacon of Kingston-upon-Thames
John Utterton British bishop
Francis Kynaston English poet
Maxwell Craig Minister of the Church of Scotland
Bill Murray-Wood English cricketer

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