Fisk University

People from Fisk University


Name Title
Vivienne Malone-Mayes US mathematician
Charles H. Wesley American writer
Wade H. McCree American judge
Lil Hardin Armstrong American musician
Robert McFerrin Opera singer
Joseph H. Howard American Dentist And Drum Collector
Johnnetta B. Cole
Melvin B. Tolson American poet
Diane Judith Nash Civil Rights Leader
Victor O. Frazer American politician
Lorenzo Dow Turner American dialectologist
Cora Brown American politician
Charles Ramsey (basketball) American basketball player-coach
Lewis Wade Jones American sociologist
John Wesley Work III American musician and musicologist
Gloria Conyers Hewitt American mathematician
Irvin C. Miller
Calvin C. Hernton American writer and sociologist
Sylvia del Villard Puerto Rican actor
C. Eric Lincoln Professor of Religion and of Sociology
Bobby William Austin American sociologist/lecturer/writer.
Cleo W. Blackburn American educator
Amyre Makupson
Samuel A. McElwee
Jimmie Lunceford American musician
Neal Craig Player of American football
Yolande Du Bois
David Levering Lewis American historian
Hortense Canady Sority president
Ida B. Wells Social Reformer
Alma Powell American audiologist
Constance Baker Motley American politician and judge
Mandisa Singer
George Padmore Trinidadian writer
Nella Larsen Novelist librarian nurse
Elmer Samuel Imes
W.E.B. Du Bois
A. Maceo Walker President of Universal Life Insurance Company for over thirty years.
Charles Diggs American politician
Virginia E. Walker Broughton Writer
Leslie Meek
Venida Evans American actor
Rel Dowdell Director
Leonard Jackson Actor
Tom Wilson Actor
James Gilkes Guyanese sprinter
Ronnie Greer
Henry Ponder American academic
Julius Lester
Diane Nash

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