Clemson University

People from Clemson University


Name Title
Richard C. Davis
David Wilkins Ambassador and politician
Brian Snyder American baseball player
Alex Reid (screenwriter) American screenwriter
Jeff Baker German baseball player
Fiona Hutchison British actor
Reggie Pleasant Player of American and Canadian football
Robert Bryan Harwell United States federal judge
Dan Reneau American academic
Vern Pyles American politician
Merl Code Canadian football player
Lorenzo Bromell American football player
Ken Vining American baseball player
Joana Eidukonytė Lithuanian tennis player
Nealon Greene American football player
Brian Kowitz American baseball player
I. M. Ibrahim Clemson University soccer coach
Dale Hatcher American football player
Rich Merritt
Coby G. Brooks
Keith Williams (baseball) American baseball player
David Treadwell All-American college football player professional football player placekicker
Floyd Lavinius Parks United States general
Chester McGlockton American football player
Deshaun Watson Football Player
Billy O'Dell American baseball player
Gloria Bromell Tinubu American politician educator economist
Johnny Rembert American football player
Paul Steelman Architect
Lee Brice Country Singer
Robert H. Brooks Hooters franchiser and CEO
Vontrell Jamison American football player
Andrius Jurkūnas Basketball player
Neil Chambers American architect
Kelly Nash Sportscaster
Cad Coles American baseball player
Wayne Mulligan American football player
Robert J. Conrad US (federal) judge and attorney
Strom Thurmond Governor of South Carolina United States Senator
Bob Peeler American politician
Bennie Cunningham American football player
Walter T. Cox III United States court of appeals judge
Jim Riggs American musician
Jim Speros American sports executive
Daniel Augustus Joseph Sullivan United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
Daddy Potts American football player
George H. Ross American lawyer
Grady Jarrett Football Player
Alfred W. Bethea South Carolina farmer and politician
Katie Edwards

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