City College of New York

People from City College of New York


Name Title
Russell Simmons American businesmsan
Deborah Lipstadt American historian of the Holocaust
Walter Mosley American writer
Peterson Toscano American comedian
George Friedman American businessman and political scientist
Robert Scheer American writer activist and tax resister
Linda Kaplan Thaler Businessperson
Andy Mineo American hip hop musician
Sam Gross American cartoonist
Adrian Piper artist
David Finkelstein American physicist
Andrew Grove Co-founder of Intel
David Potts English singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist
Faith Ringgold American artist
Robert Walden American actor
Vincent Harding American historian
Jeff Barry American musician
Alan Hantman American architect
David Lieber American rabbi and academic
Felix S. Cohen
A. H. Raskin American journalist
Daniel Daniel TV Actor
Jerry March
Abraham Sinkov Signals Intelligence Service cryptographer
Jeffrey Scott Flier American physician
Everett P. Wheeler American lawyer and politician
Bisila Bokoko Business Executive
Joseph H. Flom American lawyer
Norman Gaylord American chemist
Benjamin Kaplan American judge
Robert Aumann Mathematician and Economist
David Landes Professor of economics and history at Harvard
Eli Wallach American actor
Herman Feshbach American physicist
Stuart Scharf American composer
Bernard Spitzer American businessman and philanthropist
Daniel Patrick Moynihan American politician
Richard B. Morris American historian
Leonard Susskind American string theorist
Richard Oriani American chemical engineer
Jean Toomer Writer
William Lombardy American chess player
Albert Weisbord American political activist
Mwatabu S. Okantah American writer
Marty Dolin Canadian politician
Alfred Stieglitz Photographer
John Tytell American literary critic
Jonas Salk Physician and epidemiologist
Carolyn Ferrell American writer
Frank A. O'Donnel

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