Meet the Press 75 years old

Meet the Press

Meet the Press is a weekly American television news/interview program airing on NBC. It is the longest-running television series in American broadcasting history, despite bearing little resemblance to the original format of the program seen in its television debut on November 6, 1947. Meet the Press is the highest-rated of the American television Sunday morning talk shows. It has been hosted by 11 moderators, beginning with Martha Rountree. The current host is David Gregory, who assumed the role in December 2008. The show began using a new set on May 2, 2010, with video screens and a library-style set with bookshelves, and different, modified intro music, with David Gregory previewing the guests using a large video screen, and with the Meet the Press theme music in a shorter "modernized [style]... the beginning repeated with drum beats". Meet the Press and similar shows specialize in interviewing national leaders on issues of politics, economics, foreign policy and other public affairs. Over the past few years, the program's usual time slot over the NBC network is between 9-10 a.m. local time in most markets, though this may vary by markets due to commitments by affiliates to religious, E/I or local news and public affairs programming. It also varies several weeks in the summer due to morning coverage of French Open tennis or the Monaco Grand Prix by NBC Sports. In earlier years, the program would air at noon every Sunday. The program also re-airs Sunday afternoons at 2 p.m. ET and early Monday mornings at 4 a.m. ET on MSNBC, along with an early Monday morning replay as part of NBC's "All Night" lineup. The program is also distributed to radio stations via syndication by Dial Global, and aired as part of C-SPAN Radio's replay of the Sunday morning talk shows.



Name Character
Arnold Schwarzenegger He was 0 , now 75 years old
Stephen Colbert He was 16 , now 59 years old
Bill Cosby He was 10 , now 85 years old
Hillary Clinton She was 0 , now 75 years old
John McCain He was 11 , 81 years old when he died
Bill Clinton He was 1 , now 76 years old
Dick Cheney He was 6 , now 82 years old
Bob Woodward He was 4 , now 80 years old
Jim Webb He was 1 , now 77 years old
James Carville He was 3 , now 78 years old
Jon Meacham He was 21 , now 54 years old as Himself
Alan Greenspan He was 21 , now 97 years old
Pat Buchanan She was 9 , now 84 years old
Marvin Kalb He was 17 , now 92 years old as Host


Name Job title
Meet the Press poster
Meet the Press (75 years)

Returning Series

  • First Air Date: 1947-11-06
  • Runtime: [53,60] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 3181