Wake Forest University

People from Wake Forest University


Name Title
Scott Rasmussen American businessman
Jim Steeg American sports executive
Matt Lutz American film television and theater actor.
Jerome Holmes U.S. federal judge
George Holding American lawyer
Clare Shore Mezzo-soprano conductor and composer
Jerry Punch American football player
Cory Sullivan American baseball player
Lee Norris American actor
Al Hunt American journalist
Dave Budd American basketball player
Kevin Marion American football player
William Walton Kitchin American politician
Frank A. Armstrong United States general
Joseph Branch American judge
Charlie Ergen American businessman
Charles William Ergen Entrepreneur
Jim Whittenburg American historian
Philip E. Berger American politician
Jeff Teague Basketball Player
Charles Aurelius Smith American politician
Allan Dykstra American baseball player
Len G. Broughton Evangelist and Baptist minister
Bill Herring American MLB pitcher
Carroll O'Connor TV Actor
A. R. Ammons American poet
Brian Piccolo American football player
Jesse Helms American politician
Will D. Campbell American writer
Frances O'Roark Dowell
David Funderburk American politician
Carol Baker Tharp American politician
Walter Leak Steele American politician
William Louis Poteat American academic
Charles B. Deane American politician
Jeanette W. Hyde American diplomat
Ricky Proehl American football player
Red O'Quinn American football player
Cheslie Kryst Pageant Contestant
Norm Snead American football player and coach
A. C. Dixon
Johnson Jay Hayes United States federal judge
Louis B. Meyer American judge
Monroe Minor Redden American politician
William A. Devin American politician
Walter Rasby American football player
Leslie H. Campbell
N. Leo Daughtry American politician
Craig Robinson (baseball) American baseball player
Alan Z. Thornburg American judge

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