United States Military Academy

People from United States Military Academy


Name Title
Antonio Buehler
William S. Wallace United States general
Kelly Perdew American businessman
John Nagl US Army Officer
David S. Chang American politician
Craig McCarthy American Lawyer
Bill Carpenter Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Wesley Clark American general and former Democratic Party presidential candidate
Dan Choi American activist
Lloyd Austin United States Army lieutenant general
Craig Gilbert Olympic handball player
Dave Heineman American Politician
John Pippy Pennsylvania State Senator
Hoyt Vandenberg United States general
Ferdinand J. Chesarek Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Willard G. Wyman US Army general
Andrew Goodpaster United States Army general
Raymond Odierno War Hero
William M. Miley
William Orlando Darby American World War II Army brigadier general
C. A. L. Totten American writer
Richard Delafield Union Army general
John T. Thompson inventor of the Thompson submachine gun
William Tecumseh Sherman American General businessman educator and author.
Meriwether Lewis Clark Sr. United States Army officer
Wade H. Haislip Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army 1949 to 1951
Meriwether Lewis Walker Governor of the Panama Canal Zone from 1924 to 1928
John S. Samuel United States general
Martin Luther Smith Confederate Army general
Bruce K. Holloway United States Air Force general and World War II flying ace
William Henry Harrison Benyaurd United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
Bruce B. G. Clarke United States Army officer
Robert T. Marsh United States general
William Howard Arnold United States general
Robert Parker Parrott American army officer and ordnance manufacturer
Charles G. Cleveland USAF pilot and Lieutenant general
William McRee American Military Engineer
Benjamin Franklin Davis Union Army officer
William Hays (general) Union army general
Alvan Cullem Gillem Union Army general
Charles E. Saltzman American Under Secretary of State
Frank Butner Clay United States general
Alvan Cullem Gillem II United States general
George Wheeler (explorer) American cartographer
John W. Leonard United Stateds Army generals
Williston B. Palmer United States general
George D. Ruggles Adjutant General of the U.S. Army from 1893 to 1897
Byron Looper American convicted murderer and political assassin
Stuart Heintzelman United States general
Richard B. Garnett Confederate Army general

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