United States Army War College

People from United States Army War College


Name Title
Akeem Richmond American basketball player
Billy Baron Basketball player
Jim Christian American basketball player and coach
Ken Mastrole American football player
Jimmy Baron American actor
Tammy Smith United States Naval officer
Teresa Tanzi American politician
Lloyd Austin United States Army lieutenant general
Dan Stec American politician
W. Patrick Lang American Army Officer And Intelligence Analyst
Daniel Da Ponte American politician
Amy Rice American politician
Frank Leoni Baseball coach
Walter E. Fountain United States general
Raymond Odierno War Hero
Jeremy Michael Boorda United States admiral
Walter Krueger United States Army general in World War II
Meriwether Lewis Walker Governor of the Panama Canal Zone from 1924 to 1928
John R. Dallager United States general
Norm Gigon American baseball player
Charlie Kraak American basketball player
Francis K. Newcomer Governor of the Panama CAnal Zone
Walter Bedell Smith United States general
William Abram Mann US Army General
Albert Watson II United States general
William G. Everson United States Army General
Myles Deering United States general
William G. Haan United States Army general
Leland Hobbs United States Army general
Carl E. Vuono Commandant of the US Army Command and General Staff College
John Thomas Corley Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Charles G. Long Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Brevet Medal recipient
Raymond W. Carpenter United States general
Walter L. Sharp United States general
Jeff Williams (American football) American football player
Samuel Tankersley Williams American Army general
Clay Ford American politician
Charles D. Herron United States general
William Ledyard Rodgers United States Navy admiral
David Glantz American military historian
Hunt Downer Politician businessman military veteran
William W. Crouch United States general
John R. Hodge United States Army general
Benjamin Freakley American general
William R. Schmidt United States general
John P. Lucas United States Army general
Glenn J. Ames American Professor/history
Frank Jack Fletcher United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
William D. Puleston American Naval officer
Bill Connor American football player

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