Tulane University

People from Tulane University


Name Title
Bill Avery American politician
Fernando Bonilla Puerto Rican jurist and politician
Adam Kwasman American politician
Neil Bush Businessperson
Andrew Friedman American baseball executive
Cameron Henry American politician
Adam Dell American businessman
John Ricard Catholic bishop
Byron Parker Player of American and Canadian football
Fernando del Valle American opera singer
Veronica White American writer
Kendall Shaw American painter
Robert H. Miller American Surgeon
Rick Hurst American actor and voice artist
Amy Carter Daughter of Jimmy Carter
Bryan Batt American actor
Regina Benjamin Surgeon General of the United States
Bryan Wagner American politician
Howard Baker American politician
Francis George Catholic cardinal
Dede Wilson American poet
Bruce Paltrow American film and television director
Rich Cohen
Taylor Miller American actor
William Dudley (swimmer) American swimmer Olympian
William K. Suter United States general Supreme Court Clerk
Maxine Cassin American writer and publisher
John Michael Seabright United States federal judge
Alfred Ford American Hare Krishna
A. Hays Town American architect
Bill G. Lowrey American politician
Frank T. Schnell American archaeologist
Robert Poydasheff American politician
Curt Baham former professional American football player
Pinkie C. Wilkerson American politician
William L. Armstrong American politician
Alvan Lafargue American mayor
Jessica Valenti American writer
Wayne A. Downing Retired four-star United States Army general
Jock Scott American politician
Ned Randolph American politician
Phoebe Washburn American artist
Ida Kohlmeyer American artist
Frank Fulco American politician
Will Christopher Baer American writer
Clark Durant American businessman
David Vitter U.S. Senator from Louisiana
Frank Relle photographer
Robert F. Broussard American politician
Noelle Renee Instagram Star

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