Temple University

People from Temple University


Name Title
Danny Woodburn American actor
Syma Chowdhry American model and reporter
Debbie Nathan American journalist
Rick Brunson American basketball player-coach
Cheryl Dunye American actor and director
Kim Rhodes Actress
Jim Saxton United States Congressman from New Jersey
Aletha Maybank American physician
Jim Fall TV and film director
Jeffrey Robinson American journalist
Curtis Thomas American politician
Andrew Hussie American artist
Francis Davis American Journalist And Writer
Rick Hurst American actor and voice artist
Alan Butkovitz American politician
Bob Saget American television presenter
Nick Falcon American musician
Susan Cornell American politician
Molly Henderson American Politician
Benjamin Ramos American politician
Randall Cobb Football Player
Robert J. Resnick American psychologist
Sylvia Coleman
Curtis Henderson
Terence Stansbury American basketball player
Nilsa Cruz-Perez American politician
Nancy Falkow American Singer-Songwriter
Albert Branson Maris United States federal judge
Reggie Showers American motorcycle drag racer
David Bressoud Mathematician
Washington Lloréns Puerto Rican writer and lexicographer
Jessica Hische American artist
Gerald Crabtree Biochemist
Karen Kilimnik American artist
Lowell Blair Nesbitt Painter
Ricardo Montano New York politician
Jean-Marie De Koninck Canadian mathematician
Jeff Manto American baseball player and coach
Matt Balasavage American football player
Robert K. Merton American sociologist
Dave Schulthise American musician
Robert Donatucci American politician
Frances Negrón-Muntaner Puerto Rican filmmaker
Reed Erickson American activist
Ralph Sepe YouTube Star
Ted Polhemus American photographer and anthropologist
Michael J. Fitzgerald Non-Fiction Author
Norman Braman American football executive
Darcy Richardson American historian and writer
Bolaji Akinyemi Nigerian professor of political science

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