New York University School of Law

People from New York University School of Law


Name Title
Ahmed Ghappour Attorney
Jim Braude American Journalist
Jared Kushner American businessman
Robert Sarvis American politician
Lou Silver American basketball player
Sam Davol American musician
Sarah Vogel American politician
Jo Freeman writer lawyer
Richard Joel President of Yeshiva University
Ian Gerard
Nathan D. Perlman American politician
Charles E. Rice AMerican legal scholar
Vito Marcantonio American politician
William H. J. Ely Member of the New Jersey Senate
Meile Rockefeller Lawyer, Real-estate Developer, Heiress, Philanthropist
Burton B. Roberts American judge
Mary Grace Quackenbos American lawyer
Ahmed Zaki Yamani Former Saudi Arabian minister of oil
Alan Harris Nevas American judge
Kenneth P. Thompson American lawyer
Kevin McNulty (judge) United States District Judge
Amal Clooney Lawyer
Benjamin Franklin Jones (New Jersey politician) American politician
Clay Constantinou American diplomat
Clara González
O. Roy Chalk
Charles Robin Britt American politician
Jenny Rivera (judge) American judge
David Schulhof American music executive
Caroline K. Simon American judge
Martin Fleisher American bridge player attorney investment advisor
Stuart Slotnick American lawyer
Lewis G. Hansen American politician
Christine Chow Ma First Lady Of The Republic Of China (Taiwan)
Robert E. Rose American judge
Jonathan L. Goldstein
Tad R. Callister A general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Ted Baehr Christian film critic
Alan Eugene Norris United States federal judge
Richard Harrington Levet United States federal judge
Stuart Subotnick American businessman
Damien Bona American Film Historian
Vaughn Stewart American football player
Samuel J. Tilden American politician
Loretta A. Preska American judge
William Lee Dwyer United States federal judge
Samuel H. Kaufman American judge
Bernard Newman (judge) United States Judge
Alexander J. Menza American politician
Jon Leibowitz Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission

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