New York Law School

People from New York Law School


Name Title
Maurice R. Greenberg American businessman
Marvin Powell American football player offensive lineman
Judge Judy Sheindlin TV Show Host
Williamson Pell American football player
Samuel Levy American politician
John Taber Member of the United States House of Representatives from New York
Westley Abbott American football coach
William Nelson Runyon American politician
Frank A. Oliver U.S. Representative from New York
Philip T. Sica American businessman
Chester Carlson American physicist
William J. Tully American lawyer and politician
Schuyler M. Meyer
Charles D. Millard American politician
Robert Alexander Inch Lawyer and New York District Court judge
Chris Iijima American musician-activist
Alfred J. Gilchrist American lawyer and politician
Leo Cherne American economists
Albert C. Cohn American judge
David N. Kelley United States Attorney
Samuel H. Hofstadter New York politician
Benjamin A. Gilman Politician and United States Army Air Forces officer
Wallace Stevens Poet
Robert A. Agresta Politician
Charles Drummond Lawrence United States Judge
Ferdinand Pecora American judge
Scott Rumana Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Charles Lavine New York politician
Robert F. Wagner American politician
Ben Crosby American football player and coach
Philip M. Kleinfeld
Bob Rothberg American songwriter
George Murray Hulbert American politician
Benjamin Antin American lawyer and politician
George William Burleigh Soldier and lawyer
William L. Tierney American politician
John Purroy Mitchel American mayor
Frank Joseph Coleman United States federal judge
Richard LaMotta American businessman
Clarence E. Case American politician
David Hennen Morris American diplomat
David T. Wilentz American Attorney general
Amos Pinchot Lawyer reformist
Dan Oates Career Police Officer/Chief
Alvin Frankenberg American politician and lawyer
Richard F. McKiniry American politician
Charles F. X. O'Brien American politician
Warren I. Lee American politician
William T. Simpson
Philip Milledoler Brett

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