Naval War College

People from Naval War College


Name Title
Christopher R. Hill American diplomat
Al Melvin (politician) American politician
Jeremy Michael Boorda United States admiral
Hugh Rodman United States Navy admiral
Walter Krueger United States Army general in World War II
Carol Mutter American Marine Corps general
George McMillin United States admiral
Frank Friday Fletcher United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
Hugo Teufel III American lawyer
George Douglas Wahl American U.S. Army brigadier general
Frank J. Lowry U.S. Navy Vice Admiral
Chemogoh Kevin Dzang Ghanian politician
Alfred Winsor Brown Governor of Guam
Ferdinand Louis Reichmuth United States Navy Vice Admiral
Frank Jack Fletcher United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
William D. Puleston American Naval officer
Robert Alfred Theobald United States admiral
Robert Leahy Fair United States Army field commander during Cold War and Lieutenant General in the United States Army
Émile Lahoud Former Lebanese President
Carl Epting Mundy, Jr. United States Marine Corps Commandant
Gilbert Jonathan Rowcliff United States admiral
Bradley A. Fiske United States Navy admiral
Richard L. Cevoli US Navy Pilot
George C. Thorpe Marine Corps Brevet Medal recipient
George Barnett 12th Commandant of the Marine Corps
Bradley C. Hosmer United States Air Force general
William L. Nyland Assistant Commandant of the United States Marine Corps 2002-2005
Frank Jimenez AMerican lawyer
William Sims United States admiral
Mansurul Haq Pakistani admiral
Linton Brooks
Raymond Spruance War Hero
Harry Yarnell War Hero
Nirmal Kumar Verma Indian chief of naval staff
David G. Perkins United States Army general
William F. Bringle United States admiral
Richard G. Colbert United States admiral
David Ledson Admiral Royal New Zealand Navy
William S. Benson United States admiral
Samuel W. Bryant United States Navy admiral
Alexander Haig United States Secretary of State; United States Army general
Walter Fillmore Retired officer in the United States Marine Corps
William J. Fallon United States admiral
Jesse B. Oldendorf Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Field Harris U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant general
Merwin H. Silverthorn Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Adolphus Staton United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
Charley L. Diaz United States Coast Guard officer
Richmond K. Turner United States Navy Admiral
Richard Antrim United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient

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