Morehouse College

People from Morehouse College


Name Title
Samuel L. Jackson Actor
Wakeel Allah Author
Martin Luther King III Civil right activist
Calvin Mackie American Engineer
Herman Cain American writer businessman and activist
Supreme Understanding Author
Metro Boomin American musician
Karim Prince American actor
Saul Williams American musician
Martin Luther King, Jr. Political activist
Walter E. Massey American businessman
Horace Ward Jurist lawyer politician civil rights activist
Vincent Tubbs Vincent Tubbs was a journalist for various African American publications. He would later become one of the first African American publicists in Hollywood.
Spike Lee Film director
Wendell Holland Reality Star
Howard Thurman American writer
Alfred Daniel Williams King American Baptist minister
Kenneth Dunkin American politician
Charles V. Willie American prfoessor of Education
Canton Jones Gospel Singer
Abraham Woods American civil rights leader
George W. Haley American diplomat
John Wesley Dobbs
Samuel M. Nabrit American academic
Jared Sawyer, Jr. Self-Help Author
Benjamin Griffith Brawley
Howard Zehr American academic
Floyd McKissick Civil Rights Activist
Frank Smith (D.C. Council) American politician
Jeh Johnson General Counsel for the United States Department of Defense
Amos N. Wilson American writer
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson President of Howard University
Cedric Richmond American politician
T. B. Ellis American sports coach
David Haley American politician
Maynard Jackson American politicianAmerican mayorAmerican mayor
George Levi Russell III United States District Judge
Charles Crenchaw Reality Star
Willis Laurence James American composer
Hezekiah Ademola Oluwafemi Nigerian academic
Reginald C. Lindsay United States federal judge
Calvin O. Butts
Rockmond Dunbar American actor
Kevin A. Ross
Ralph David Abernathy III
Bill Nunn American actor
Killer Mike Actor
Brian Tyree Henry Actor
Julius E. Coles
Edward A. Jones american writer

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