Knox College

People from Knox College


Name Title
Vir Das Indian actor
David A. Kolb American psychologist
Otto A. Harbach Writer
Otto Harbach Songwriter
George S. Benson
Hobart R. Gay United States Army general
Alfred M. Craig American judge
Alson Streeter American politician
Ezekiel S. Sampson Union Army officer
Robert B. Chiperfield American politician
Lorenzo D. Lewelling American politician
Robert F. Spetzler American neurosurgeon
Robert Hanssen FBI agent convicted of espionage
John Sanborn Phillips American businessman
Brooks McNamara
John Podesta Politician
Hiram Rhodes Revels
George W. Lilley American academic
Whitcomb L. Judson inventor
Charles Wesley Leffingwell
Charles Burlingame Waite American judge
Charles Edward Swanson American politician
George Radcliffe Colton American politician
Allan Arthur Willman American musician
William E. Phelps American politician
William A. Reiners American ecologist
Albinus Nance American politician
Jeff Tobolski Illinois politician
Benton Jay Hall American politician
Job Adams Cooper Union United States Army soldier
George Helgesen Fitch American politician
Deb Gardner American politician
Alexander Rabinowitch American historian
Clayton Miller Film producer
Margaret A. Ryan Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
Julie Morrison Illinois politician
Don Harmon American politician
Russell Freeburg
Barry Bearak
Rose Polenzani folk musician
Bob Kiss American politician
Thomas C. MacMillan Canadian businessman
Ellen Browning Scripps American philanthropist
Edgar Bancroft American diplomat
Ismat T. Kittani Iraqi diplomat
Lynden Evans American politician
Grenville Beardsley
Don Samuelson American politician
Ethyl Eichelberger American drag queen
Dorothea Tanning American artist

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