Boston University School of Theology

People from Boston University School of Theology


Name Title
Alice Goodman American writer
Martin Luther King, Jr. Political activist
David Frederick Wertz American methodist bishop
Washington Gardner Union United States Army soldier
Francis Enmer Kearns American bishop
Chai-Sik Chung Sociologist of religion
Cecil R. Paul
Wilbur P. Thirkield American Methodist bishop
George Richmond Grose American bishop
Carl F. H. Henry Journalist
Robert Harder American politician
Georgia Harkness
William Edwards Huntington University President
Richard S. Taylor American theologian
Charles Wesley Brashares
Gilbert Bilezikian
William B. Oden American bishop
Dallas Lore Sharp American writer
Floyd W. Nease
William E. Kerstetter American academic
Daniel L. Marsh
Samuel G. Plantz American minister
Francis John McConnell American bishop
Willis J. King American bishop
William S. Sahakian American philosopher
George Lincoln Blackwell Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Walter George Muelder
Edgar Amos Love Founded Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
George L. Fox US army chaplain killed in action
Norman Vincent Peale Self-Help Author
Woodie W. White American methodist bishop
James Mudge
Marion Pardy
Uwe Siemon-Netto German journalist
Junius Ralph Magee bishop
S. Clifton Ives American bishop
Peter D. Weaver American methodist bishop
Gordon Scruton American bishop
Barry W. Lynn
Earl Marlatt American writer
Peter Ahn American missionary
Ralph Edward Dodge American bishop
Garfield Bromley Oxnam American politician
Edgar S. Brightman
Edwin Holt Hughes American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church
John Lowden Knight Methodist theologian
Tex Sample American sociologist
Stanley Hallett
Harrell F. Beck American Preacher
Justus Henry Nelson

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