Zoe 4 years old


Two colleagues at a revolutionary research lab design technology to improve and perfect romantic relationships. As their work progresses, their discoveries become more profound.


Zoe Cast

Name Character
Ewan McGregor He was 47, now 51 years old as Cole
Léa Seydoux She was 32, now 37 years old as Zoe
Miranda Otto She was 50, now 55 years old as The Designer
Matthew Gray Gubler He was 38, now 43 years old as Skinny Guy
Rashida Jones She was 42, now 47 years old as Emma
Theo James He was 33, now 38 years old as Ash
Christina Aguilera She was 37, now 42 years old as Jewels
Tristan D. Lalla He was 34, now 39 years old as Man in Promotional Video #2
Patrick Baby as Man #2
Kai Lennox as Nick
Francesca Barcenas as Francesca Barcenas
Kyle Gatehouse as Average Guy
Anthony Shim as Hideo
Arlen Aguayo-Stewart as Woman on Lab Tour
Janine Theriault She was 43, now 48 years old as Isla

Zoe Crew

Name Department
Douglas Crise as Editor. He was 56 (now 61) years old Editing
Nicolas Lepage as Supervising Art Director. Art
Greg Shapiro as Executive Producer. He was 50 (now 55) years old Production
Richard Greenberg as Screenplay. He was 60 (now 65) years old Writing
Richard Greenberg as Story. He was 60 (now 65) years old Writing
Stuart Ford as Executive Producer. He was 117 (now 122) years old Production
Ridley Scott as Executive Producer. He was 80 (now 85) years old Production
Drake Doremus as Director. He was 35 (now 39) years old Directing
Drake Doremus as Producer. He was 35 (now 39) years old Production
Drake Doremus as Story. He was 35 (now 39) years old Writing
Nicole Daniels as Casting. Production
Chris Douridas as Music Supervisor. He was 55 (now 60) years old Sound
John Guleserian as Director of Photography. He was 42 (now 46) years old Camera
Katie Byron as Production Design. Art
Dan Romer as Original Music Composer. He was 68 (now 73) years old Sound
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Zoe (4 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Runtime: 104 minutes