White Phantom 35 years old

The New American Hero

White Phantom

A group of camouflaged ninjas stealing a small case of plutonium from a transport vehicle in broad daylight in California. Back in his office in Sanzhi, Taiwan, The Colonel (Bo Svenson) receives word of the heist and the top suspect is the Sakura family. Selected for the job of locating this stolen nuke material is Mai Lin (Page Leong), an informant/dancer. Willi (Jay Roberts, Jr.), a drunken American playboy who is prone to playing the harmonica teams up with Mai Lin. Willi also just happens to be a white ninja.


White Phantom Cast

Name Character
Bo Svenson He was 46, now 82 years old as The Colonel
Jay Roberts, Jr. He was 60, now 95 years old as Willie
Page Leong as Mai Lin

White Phantom Crew

Name Department
Dusty Nelson as Director. Directing
White Phantom poster
White Phantom (35 years)

The New American Hero

  • Release day: Tuesday, September 01, 1987
  • Runtime: 89 minutes