Weightless 4 years old


Apart from a few simple houses, a bar, a gas station with a mini supermarket and a garbage dump, there really is nothing in rural Fulton County, Georgia. Introverted Joel works at the garbage dump where he sometimes finds a useful glass bottle or two, which he cleans up and takes home. Then, one day, he receives an unexpected phone call: his ex-wife has disappeared and it is now his responsibility to look after their son. Joel, about to meet his son for the very first time, has no idea how he is going to build a relationship with 10-year-old Will who also seems to live in a world of his own. Luckily for them, Clara, a bright girl from the neighbourhood, is on hand to help, and Will begins to open up to his father. But the youth welfare officer is already banging on the door. Director Jaron Albertin’s directorial debut is a sensitive, slightly melancholic drama about two outsiders who discover a deep understanding of each other.


Weightless Cast

Name Character
Johnny Knoxville He was 46, now 52 years old as Ed
Alessandro Nivola He was 45, now 50 years old as Joel
Julianne Nicholson She was 46, now 51 years old as Janeece
Siobhan Fallon Hogan She was 56, now 62 years old as Carol
Marc Menchaca He was 41, now 47 years old as Cody

Weightless Crew

Name Department
Enda Walsh as Screenplay. He was 50 (now 56) years old Writing
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Weightless (4 years)

  • Release day: Friday, November 09, 2018
  • Runtime: 99 minutes