The Trixxer (Der Wixxer) 19 years old

The Trixxer

A mysterious serial killer is shocking the underworld. Scotland Yard is investigating the case. Clues lead the detectives to Blackwhite Castle.


The Trixxer Cast

Name Character
Thomas Fritsch He was 60, now 79 years old as Earl of Cockwood
Bastian Pastewka He was 32, now 51 years old as Inspector Very Long
Anke Engelke She was 38, now 57 years old as Doris Dubinsky
Thomas Heinze He was 40, now 59 years old as Rather Short
Tanja Wenzel She was 25, now 44 years old as Miss Pennymarket
Christoph Maria Herbst He was 38, now 57 years old as Butler Alfons Hatler
Olli Dittrich He was 47, now 66 years old as Dieter Dubinsky
Oliver Kalkofe He was 38, now 57 years old as Chief Inspector Even Longer
Grit Boettcher She was 65, now 84 years old as Mrs. Nora
Wolfgang Völz He was 73, 87 years old when he died as Sir John
Oliver Welke He was 38, now 57 years old as Dr. Brinkman

The Trixxer Crew

Name Department
Tobi Baumann as Director. Directing
Oliver Kalkofe as Screenplay. He was 38 (now 57) years old Writing
The Trixxer poster
The Trixxer (19 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, May 19, 2004
  • Runtime: 85 minutes