The Sheldon Kennedy Story 23 years old

Alberta (Canada) rural farm-boy Sheldon Kennedy feels abused by dad when punished for poor performances compared to big brother Troy. being recruited for professional ice-hockey at age 14 seems an ideal way out, straight to a party animal's good life. Yet after a Vegas marriage with Jana and hearing she's pregnant, Sheldon breaks down and tells her what's eating at him for years: coach Graham James, whoa arranged for him to be transferred each time James was, sexually abused Sheldon, who fears to be laughed away as a queer and loose his only career avenue if he goes public


The Sheldon Kennedy Story Cast

Name Character
Ty Olsson He was 25, now 48 years old as Mark
Polly Shannon She was 26, now 49 years old as Jana
Noel Fisher He was 15, now 38 years old as Young Sheldon Kennedy
Robert Wisden He was 41, now 64 years old as Graham James
Lynda Boyd She was 34, now 57 years old as Shirley Kennedy
Jonathan Scarfe He was 23, now 46 years old as Sheldon Kennedy
Brent Stait He was 40, now 63 years old as Mel Kennedy

The Sheldon Kennedy Story Crew

Name Department
Mark Korven as Music. He was 46 (now 69) years old Sound
Suzette Couture as Writer. She was 52 (now 75) years old Writing
Jeff Warren as Editor. He was 28 (now 51) years old Editing
Norma Bailey as Director. She was 50 (now 73) years old Directing
Candice Elzinga as Casting. Production
Bette Chadwick as Casting. Production
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The Sheldon Kennedy Story (23 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, October 02, 1999
  • Runtime: 93 minutes