The Awakened 10 years old

Five Friends. One Hurricane. One Hell of a Party.

Five friends have a party to ride out a hurricane in Miami. As if it were not bad enough being trapped inside the house while natural forces wreak havoc outside, something is trapped inside with them. The storm is the least of their worries trying to make it through the night.


The Awakened Cast

Name Character
Julie Kendall as Real Estate Agent
Wil J. Jackson as Detective
Jonathan 'Legacy' Perez as Manny
Nancy Sayegh as Laura
Harry Marsh He was 86, now 97 years old as Lead Detective
Nikolas Holmes as Charlie
John J Thomassen as Kevin
Stephanie Pitts as Gina

The Awakened Crew

Name Department
Lou Simon as Director. Directing
Lou Simon as Story. Writing
Douglas Villalba as Director. Directing
The Awakened (10 years)

Five Friends. One Hurricane. One Hell of a Party.

  • Release day: Saturday, September 08, 2012
  • Runtime: 90 minutes