Terminal Voyage 28 years old

Earth is gone. The battle for life continues...

It is 2035 A.D. and the final countdown has begun for a voyage that will reach across the vastness of outer space - to explore the nearest Earth-Like planet. An international crew has been placed in cryogenic suspended animation for the journey. But a century later, they awake to find that things have gone horribly wrong.


Terminal Voyage Cast

Name Character
Ming-Na Wen She was 30, now 59 years old as Han
Lisa Boyle She was 29, now 58 years old as Veiled Woman
Brenda Bakke She was 31, now 59 years old as Zinovitz
Alan Rachins He was 51, now 80 years old as Jammad
Emma Samms She was 33, now 62 years old as Becker
Steven Bauer He was 37, now 66 years old as Reese
Cliff DeYoung He was 49, now 78 years old as Granier
Gregory McKinney He was 37, 41 years old when he died as Hollis
Marcus Aurelius He was 1873, 58 years old when he died as Survivor

Terminal Voyage Crew

Name Department
Rob Kerchner as Story. Writing
Nigel Holton as Music. He was 41 (54) years old when He died Sound
Rick Jacobson as Director. He was 44 (now 73) years old Directing
Mark Evan Schwartz as Writer. Writing
John Aronson as Cinematography. Crew
Terminal Voyage poster
Terminal Voyage (28 years)

Earth is gone. The battle for life continues...

  • Release day: Wednesday, June 08, 1994
  • Runtime: 80 minutes