Ira Finkelstein's Christmas 12 years old

Jingle All the Oy Vey

Ira Finkelstein's Christmas

All Ira Finkelstein wants for Christmas is...Christmas. Unfortunately, his parents are sending him to Florida to be with his Grandparents. Ira's spirit soars as he manages to land in Christmas Town, USA, instead.


Ira Finkelstein's Christmas Cast

Name Character
Elliott Gould He was 73, now 85 years old as Sam Finkelstein
David DeLuise He was 40, now 52 years old as Max Finkelstein
Jenna Levin as Jessica Wilson
Angela DiMarco She was 59, now 71 years old as Rosie Finkelstein
Tony Doupe as Walt Wilson
Shaye Hodgins as Clare
Julianne Christie She was 12, now 24 years old as Jennifer Cameo
Meg Savlov as Ruth Finkelstein
Elijah Nelson He was 12, now 24 years old as Ira J. Finkelstein
Justin Thomas Howell He was 12, now 24 years old as Mikey Amato
Cynthia Geary She was 47, now 59 years old as Libby Wilson

Ira Finkelstein's Christmas Crew

Name Department
Douglas Horn as Writer. Writing
Sue Corcoran as Director. Directing
Sue Corcoran as Producer. Production
Sue Corcoran as Writer. Writing
Angie Louise as Writer. Writing
Jane Charles as Producer. Production
Susan LaSalle as Producer. Production
Jennifer Reibman as Producer. Production
Mark Simon as Cinematography. Crew
Cindy Sangster as Editor. Editing
Ira Finkelstein's Christmas poster
Ira Finkelstein's Christmas (12 years)

Jingle All the Oy Vey

  • Release day: Sunday, April 01, 2012
  • Runtime: 100 minutes