Swerve 10 years old

Wrong Turn. Wrong Place. Wrong Time.


Driving cross-country to a job interview, Colin takes a short cut and comes across a fatal road accident. One of the drivers, Jina, is shaken but unhurt; the other has been killed instantly. Beside the dead body is a briefcase full of money, which Colin turns in to the local police. But getting out of town proves a nightmare, as Colin's good deed causes a series of bizarre events to unfold.


Swerve Cast

Name Character
Vince Colosimo He was 47, now 56 years old as Sam
Jason Clarke He was 44, now 53 years old as Frank
David Lyons He was 37, now 46 years old as Colin
Chris Haywood He was 65, now 74 years old as Armstrong
Robert Mammone He was 42, now 52 years old as Logan
Emma Booth She was 31, now 41 years old as Jina
Roy Billing He was 66, now 76 years old as Good Samaritan
Greg Stone He was 52, now 61 years old as Publican
Andy Anderson He was 62, 66 years old when he died as Ambulance Officer
Travis McMahon He was 112, now 122 years old as Charlie

Swerve Crew

Name Department
Craig Lahiff as Director. He was 65 (66) years old when He died Directing
Craig Lahiff as Writer. He was 65 (66) years old when He died Writing
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Swerve (10 years)

Wrong Turn. Wrong Place. Wrong Time.

  • Release day: Wednesday, June 06, 2012
  • Runtime: 83 minutes