Suivez Cet Avion 33 years old

A perfectly innocent computer jockey becomes the prime suspect in a bank robbery. Among the tribulations he must suffer is that the real culprit is his landlady. Another source of suffering for the poor man is his extremely strong-willed mother, whose wants must be catered to. Meanwhile, he is being rabidly pursued by one of his female coworkers, who has taken a shine to him.


Suivez Cet Avion Cast

Name Character
Lambert Wilson He was 30, now 64 years old
François Berléand He was 37, now 70 years old
Clovis Cornillac He was 21, now 55 years old
Claude Piéplu He was 66, 82 years old when he died
Isabelle Gélinas She was 25, now 58 years old

Suivez Cet Avion Crew

Name Department
Suivez Cet Avion (33 years)

  • Release day: Friday, May 26, 1989
  • Runtime: 87 minutes