Steel Frontier 27 years old

Where the Future collides with the Past

Steel Frontier

Set in a post-nuclear-holocaust future, this sci-fi western takes place in the frontier city of New Hope, the only place around with a working oil refinery. Ever since a megalomaniac general and his followers took over the place, life has been miserable. Then a stranger, a man-of-few-words, comes to town. A quick-drawing gunslinger, he first joins the conquerors. As time passes, however, it rapidly becomes apparent that he really sides with the townsfolk, and when the time is right, he leads them into a violent uprising.


Steel Frontier Cast

Name Character
Sandra Ellis Lafferty She was 54, now 82 years old as Ada
Brion James He was 50, 54 years old when he died as General J.W. Quantrell
James C. Victor as Julies
Kane Hodder He was 39, now 67 years old as Kinton
Bo Svenson He was 54, now 81 years old as Roy Ackett
Afifi Alaouie as Shay
Stacie Foster as Sarah
Jim Cody Williams as Charlie Bacchas
Paul G. Volk as Lee
Ernie Lee Banks as Wellman
Billy L. Sullivan He was 14, now 42 years old as Lake
Joe Hart He was 7, now 35 years old as Greenstreet
Robert O'Reilly He was 45, now 72 years old as Evermore
Joe Lara He was 32, now 59 years old as Luma
Adolfo Quinones He was 39, now 67 years old as Deacon

Steel Frontier Crew

Name Department
Chris Anthony Miller as Production Design. Art
Scott Hohnbaum as Line Producer. Production
Richard Pepin as Cinematography. Crew
Richard Pepin as Producer. Production
Randall Huber as Stunts. Crew
Gilbert B. Combs as Stunts. Crew
Cole S. McKay as Stunts. Crew
Art Camacho as Stunts. He was 35 (now 62) years old Crew
Al Jones as Stunts. He was 49 (62) years old when He died Crew
Gene LeBell as Stunts. He was 62 (now 89) years old Crew
Eric Mansker as Stunts. Crew
Brian J. Williams as Stunts. Crew
Lynn Salvatori as Stunts. She was 40 (now 68) years old Crew
Steve Kelso as Stunts. Crew
Kurt Bryant as Stunts. Crew
Jeff Cadiente as Stunts. Crew
Paul G. Volk as Director. Directing
Tim Trella as Stunts. Crew
Joe Hart as Director. He was 7 (now 35) years old Directing
Joe Hart as Writer. He was 7 (now 35) years old Writing
Terry Jackson as Stunts. He was 19 (now 46) years old Crew
Steel Frontier poster
Steel Frontier (27 years)

Where the Future collides with the Past

  • Release day: Tuesday, March 28, 1995
  • Runtime: 105 minutes