Skin 'em Alive (Scorticateli vivi) 45 years old

Skin 'em Alive

This rare Italian action adventure tells the story of a broke man called Rudy, who goes into the African jungle to join his half-brother Franz. Franz is leader of a mercenary group that fights against native rebels, but Rudy only wants some money from his next of kin (on one occasion, he says: "You know I can't stand violence"). But Franz, a racist who sees Africans merely as animals, just wants him to leave again immediately. Then, Franz gets abducted and imprisoned by the rebels. Rudy joins forces with the other mercenaries, who are as fascist as Franz and like to kill Africans and rape their wives. He does so to make a deal with Franz as soon as they have freed him, but the mercenaries get attacked on more than one occasion by the natives.


Skin 'em Alive Cast

Name Character
Karin Well She was 33, now 79 years old
Mario Novelli He was 38, 76 years old when he died as Barney (as Anthony Freeman)
Charles Borromel as Franz
Pierluigi Giorgio as Fred
Bryan Rostron as Rudy
Giuseppe Castellano He was 84, 83 years old when he died as Arthur (as Thomas Kerr)

Skin 'em Alive Crew

Name Department
Mario Siciliano as Director. He was 53 (62) years old when He died Directing
Mario Siciliano as Writer. He was 53 (62) years old when He died Writing
Otello Colangeli as Editor. He was 65 (85) years old when He died Editing
Paolo Mercuri as Production Manager. He was 173 (79) years old when He died Production
Stelvio Cipriani as Music. He was 40 (now 86) years old Sound
Amedeo Mellone as Production Design. Art
Amedeo Mellone as Writer. Writing
Gino Santini as Director of Photography. Camera
Skin 'em Alive poster
Skin 'em Alive (45 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, May 25, 1978
  • Runtime: 95 minutes