Seven Minutes to Die (Siete Minutos Para Morir) 52 years old

A US Secret Service agent must go to Hong Kong because of the disappearance of some important documents that carried her former partner in the Korean War. These documents, if they fell into enemy hands, could be very dangerous and cause many more deaths.


Seven Minutes to Die Cast

Name Character
José Marco He was 19, now 72 years old as Don Pietro Salminci
George Hilton He was 35, 85 years old when he died as Mike Russo
Nieves Navarro She was 31, now 83 years old as Karin Foster
Rufino Inglés He was 67, 78 years old when he died
Marisol Ayuso She was 26, now 79 years old
Paolo Gozlino He was 40, 63 years old when he died as Bill Howard (as Paul Stevens)
Rubén Rojo He was 46, 70 years old when he died as Al Monks / Domenico Lomonaco
Claudia Gravy She was 24, now 77 years old as Secretaria del cónsul (uncredited)
Elisabetta Wu She was 21, now 73 years old as (as Elizabeth Wu)
Mery Leyva
Julio Pérez Tabernero as (as Julio P. Tabernero)

Seven Minutes to Die Crew

Name Department
Aldo De Robertis as Director of Photography. Camera
Nella Nannuzzi as Editor. Editing
Ramon Fernandez as Director. He was 16 (52) years old when He died Directing
Ramon Fernandez as Writer. He was 16 (52) years old when He died Writing
Seven Minutes to Die poster
Seven Minutes to Die (52 years)

  • Release day: Monday, December 08, 1969