Reign of the Gargoyles 17 years old

During World War 2 a group of brave US Airmen are downed in Nazi controlled Europe, after their aircraft is attacked by Nazi-controlled mythological Gargoyles.


Reign of the Gargoyles Cast

Name Character
Joe Penny He was 50, now 67 years old as Gus
Brad Beyer He was 33, now 50 years old as Porter
Wes Ramsey He was 29, now 46 years old as Will
John Ashton He was 59, now 76 years old as Commander Latham
Billy Lush He was 25, now 42 years old as Chick
Julian Vergov He was 36, now 53 years old as Schrieber
Sean Mahon as Deacon

Reign of the Gargoyles Crew

Name Department
Ayton Davis as Director. Directing
T.J. Sakasegawa as Executive Producer. Production
Chase Parker as Writer. He was 12 (now 29) years old Writing
Jeffery Beach as Producer. Production
Phillip J. Roth as Producer. He was 47 (now 64) years old Production
John Cappilla as Line Producer. He was 43 (now 60) years old Production
Reign of the Gargoyles poster
Reign of the Gargoyles (17 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, March 24, 2007
  • Runtime: 88 minutes