¿Quién soy yo? 52 years old

Mario Colomer, prime minister, is burdened by overwork. His problems seem solved when his assistants tell him about Juan Brandel, a possible substitute, just like him physically, but with a funnier and more adventurous personality. At first the plan seems to work and the politician begins to gain popularity. The plot thickens when the 'original' becomes jealous of the 'copy' and the substitute exceeds his functions.


¿Quién soy yo? Cast

Name Character
Alfredo Mayo He was 58, 74 years old when he died as Pedro Astófano
Teresa Gimpera She was 33, now 85 years old as Claudina
Arturo Fernández He was 41, 90 years old when he died as Mario Colomer / Juan Brandel
Gabriel Llopart He was 50, 73 years old when he died

¿Quién soy yo? Crew

Name Department
Ramon Fernandez as Director. He was 16 (52) years old when He died Directing
¿Quién soy yo? poster
¿Quién soy yo? (52 years)

  • Release day: Monday, April 13, 1970
  • Runtime: 80 minutes