One Fall 7 years old

You can't choose your destiny... It chooses you.

Set in the rustic Midwestern town of One Fall, the film tells the story of a man, James (Marcus Dean Fuller), who miraculously survived a horrific fall from a spectacular 200 foot-high cliff and was never heard from again. However, three years after vanishing James chooses to return to his hometown of One Fall -- but he returns a changed man. For an incomprehensible reason James has developed supernatural healing abilities since the fall. He must decide whether to use his abilities to help the ones he once turned his back on, or to continue running from his mysterious past.


One Fall Cast

Name Character
Dominic Fumusa He was 46, now 54 years old as Tom Schmidt
Mark Margolis He was 76, now 83 years old as Walter Grigg Sr.
Phyllis Somerville She was 72, now 79 years old as Mrs.Barrows
James McCaffrey He was 56, now 63 years old as Werber Bond
Zoe McLellan She was 41, now 48 years old as Julie Gardner
Seamus Mulcahy as Tab Barrows / Repeller Boy
Marcus Dean Fuller as James Bond / The Janitor
Audrey Amey as Nurse Hencheck
Tyler Silvers as Kyle
Dean Silvers He was 115, now 122 years old as Security Guard
LeeAnne Hutchison as Susie Schmidt
Keli Price He was 26, now 33 years old as Josh
Sarah Wilson Actor as Claire

One Fall Crew

Name Department
Richard Greenberg as Screenplay. He was 58 (now 65) years old Writing
Dean Silvers as Producer. He was 115 (now 122) years old Production
Marcus Dean Fuller as Director. Directing
Marcus Dean Fuller as Producer. Production
Marcus Dean Fuller as Screenplay. Writing
Marcus Dean Fuller as Story. Writing
Robyn K. Bennett as Line Producer. Production
Alice Brooks as Director of Photography. She was 170 (now 177) years old Camera
Julie S. Fuller as Producer. Production
Marlen Hecht as Editor. Editing
Marlen Hecht as Producer. Production
Ben Toth as Original Music Composer. Sound
One Fall poster
One Fall (7 years)

You can't choose your destiny... It chooses you.

  • Release day: Friday, September 09, 2016
  • Runtime: 90 minutes