Normal Life 27 years old

They found the American Dream ... One bullet at a time!

Normal Life

Chris Anderson and his wife Pam live a fairly normal life until Chris loses his job on the police force and secretly turns to robbing banks to make his wife's dreams come true. Upon discovering his secret, she joins his deadly crime wave and together they terrorize an unsuspecting suburban town.


Normal Life Cast

Name Character
Jim True-Frost He was 29, now 56 years old as Mike Anderson
Luke Perry He was 29, 52 years old when he died as Chris Anderson
Kate Walsh She was 28, now 55 years old as Cindy Anderson
Bruce A. Young He was 39, now 66 years old as Agent Parker
Ashley Judd She was 27, now 54 years old as Pam Anderson
Tom Towles He was 45, 65 years old when he died as Frank Anderson
Penelope Milford She was 47, now 75 years old as Adele Anderson
Edmund Wyson as Darren
Kevin Mukherji as Homeowner
Scott Cummins as Hank Chilton
Michael Skewes as Officer Swift

Normal Life Crew

Name Department
Elena Maganini as Editor. She was 95 (now 122) years old Editing
Steven A. Jones as Producer. Production
Jean de Segonzac as Director of Photography. He was 46 (now 73) years old Camera
Jacqueline Saint Anne as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Peg Haller as Writer. Writing
Bonita Money as Producer. Production
Bob Schneider as Writer. He was 30 (now 57) years old Writing
John Saviano as Producer. Production
Jamie Sue Weiss as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Robert McNaughton as Music. He was 72 (90) years old when He died Sound
Rick Paul as Production Design. Art
Richard Maynard as Producer. He was 53 (64) years old when He died Production
Nan Charbonneau as Casting. Production
Normal Life poster
Normal Life (27 years)

They found the American Dream ... One bullet at a time!

  • Release day: Friday, January 26, 1996
  • Runtime: 101 minutes