Murder in My House 16 years old

A retired lawyer and his daughter investigates a murder that had taken place in their new home. However, the two are unaware of the the dangers they are uncovering with each step closer to the truth.


Murder in My House Cast

Name Character
Gary Hudson He was 50, now 67 years old as Brian Ellis
Daniel J. Travanti He was 66, now 83 years old as Stan Douglas
Lisa Zane She was 45, now 61 years old as Roxanne
Barbara Niven She was 53, now 70 years old as Lauren Kessler
Ellen Dubin She was 36, now 53 years old as Claire

Murder in My House Crew

Name Department
Robert Malenfant as Director. Directing
Christine Conradt as Screenplay. She was 32 (now 49) years old Writing
Murder in My House poster
Murder in My House (16 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, May 06, 2006