Liberty Heights 22 years old

You're only young once, but you remember forever.

Liberty Heights

This semi-autobiographical film by Barry Levinson follows various members of the Kurtzman clan, a Jewish family living in suburban Baltimore during the 1950s. As teenaged Ben completes high school, he falls for Sylvia, a black classmate, creating inevitable tensions. Meanwhile, Ben's brother, Van, attends college and becomes smitten with a mysterious woman while their father tries to maintain his burlesque business.


Liberty Heights Cast

Name Character
Shane West He was 21, now 44 years old as Ted
Orlando Jones He was 31, now 54 years old as Little Melvin
Ben Foster He was 19, now 41 years old as Ben Kurtzman
Adrien Brody He was 26, now 49 years old as Van Kurtzman
David Krumholtz He was 21, now 44 years old as Yussel
Richard Kline He was 55, now 78 years old as Charlie, Nate's Assistant
James Pickens, Jr. He was 45, now 67 years old as Sylvia's Father
Anthony Anderson He was 29, now 51 years old as Scribbles
Justin Chambers He was 29, now 52 years old as Trey Tobelseted
Bebe Neuwirth She was 40, now 63 years old as Ada Kurtzman
Joe Mantegna He was 52, now 74 years old as Nate Kurtzman
Kiersten Warren She was 34, now 56 years old as Annie the Stripper
Vincent Guastaferro He was 49, now 72 years old as Pete, Nate's Assistant
Carolyn Murphy She was 26, now 49 years old as Dubbie the Blonde
Rebekah Johnson She was 23, now 45 years old as Sylvia
Frania Rubinek as Grandma Rose

Liberty Heights Crew

Name Department
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Liberty Heights (22 years)

You're only young once, but you remember forever.

  • Release day: Wednesday, November 17, 1999
  • Runtime: 127 minutes