Joy Division 17 years old

Joy Division

A teenage orphan fights against the Red Army at the end of WWII and in the aftermath is 'adopted' by a Commissar. Years later he is sent to London during the Cold war to work for the KGB, where he questions his life.


Joy Division Cast

Name Character
Bernard Hill He was 61, now 79 years old as Dennis
Dietrich Hollinderbäumer He was 64, now 81 years old as Grandpa
Ram John Holder He was 72, now 90 years old as Neville
Ricci Harnett He was 33, now 51 years old as Sgt Harry Stone
Bernadette Heerwagen She was 29, now 46 years old as Melanie
Tom Schilling He was 24, now 42 years old as Thomas
Sean Chapman He was 45, now 62 years old as Harris
Ed Stoppard He was 32, now 49 years old as Thomas
Thomas Darchinger He was 43, now 60 years old as Karl
Marlon Kittel He was 22, now 40 years old as Max
Suzanne von Borsody She was 49, now 66 years old as Mum
Kincsõ Pethõ as Tanya
Robert Sidaway He was 64, 132 years old when he died as RAF Officer
Bernard Kay He was 78, 86 years old when he died as Bothringaye
Sybille Gebhardt as Stephanie
Lea Mornar She was 34, now 51 years old as Astrid
Michelle Gayle She was 35, now 53 years old as Yvonne
Teri Földi She was 72, now 90 years old as Grandma
Levente Törköly He was 41, now 58 years old as Gouldovsky

Joy Division Crew

Name Department
Csaba Stork as Production Design. Art
Reg Traviss as Director. He was 29 (now 47) years old Directing
Reg Traviss as Author. He was 29 (now 47) years old Writing
Alex Harvey as Producer. He was 71 (46) years old when He died Production
Rosemary Mason as Author. Writing
Kim Leggatt as Producer. Production
Ildikó Kemény as Producer. Production
Guy Collins as Executive Producer. He was 41 (now 59) years old Production
Daniel Millar as Executive Producer. Production
Ashley Sidaway as Executive Producer. Production
Jonathan Rae as Producer. Production
Jacqueline Swanson as Producer. Production
Stefan Raiser as Producer. Production
Felix Zackor as Producer. Production
George Kallis as Original Music Composer. He was 32 (now 50) years old Sound
Bryan Loftus as Director of Photography. Camera
Michael Fleischer as Production Design. He was 98 (90) years old when He died Art
Peter Cartwright as Editor. He was 221 (228) years old when He died Editing
Gesa Matyschok as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Zsuzsa Mihalek as Set Decoration. Art
Nicole Fischer as Casting. Production
Robert Sidaway as Executive Producer. He was 64 (132) years old when He died Production
László Sipos as Producer. He was 63 (now 80) years old Production
Tony Hines as Executive Producer. Production
Joy Division poster
Joy Division (17 years)

  • Release day: Friday, November 17, 2006
  • Runtime: 105 minutes