Frayed 16 years old

Evil burns within the mind of madness

Pat Baker is a small town sheriff. His son, Kurt, is a deranged young man with a dark secret. Sheriff Baker's worst nightmare comes true when Kurt escapes from a psychiatric hospital where he was locked away for the brutal murder of his mother thirteen years earlier. Gary, a hospital security guard, sets out into the woods to stop him, but soon finds himself relentlessly hunted by the deranged psychopath intent on killing him and anyone who crosses his path. Sheriff Baker launches an intense search to find his son, only to discover that his daughter, Sara, and her friends are camping in the same woods where Kurt has escaped. Kurt's psychosis escalates, as does his vengeful killing spree, culminating in a terrifying, climactic confrontation with Kurt, the sheriff and his family.


Frayed Cast

Name Character
Tasha Smith-Floe as Veronica
Don Brady He was 74, 85 years old when he died as Deputy Lane Denton
Kellee Bradley as Jolene Baker
Nick Wambach as Deputy Donny Parsons
Alena Dashiell as Sara Baker
Tony Doupe as Sheriff Pat Baker
Colin Byrne as Paul
Rachel Pate as Dr. Linda Engle
Aaron Blakely as Gary Jordan / Kurt Baker
Tim Evans was 54, now 70 years old as Sam

Frayed Crew

Name Department
Dino Moore as Writer. Writing
Norbert Caoili as Director. Directing
Norbert Caoili as Editor. Editing
Norbert Caoili as Original Music Composer. Sound
Norbert Caoili as Writer. Writing
Rob Portmann as Director. Directing
Rob Portmann as Producer. Production
Rob Portmann as Writer. Writing
Kurt Svennungsen as Executive Producer. Production
Karel Bauer as Cinematography. Crew
Frayed poster
Frayed (16 years)

Evil burns within the mind of madness

  • Release day: Wednesday, October 17, 2007
  • Runtime: 111 minutes