Ellie 38 years old

Set in the backwoods of the deep south. Young, beautiful Ellie has just witnessed the murder of her father at the hands of her evil step-mother Cora and Cora's three lecherous sons, all hoping to get their hand's on Ellie's father's money. Vowing to avenge her father's death, Ellie plots to do in the murderers using the only weapon she has: her body.


Ellie Cast

Name Character
Shelley Winters She was 63, 85 years old when she died as Cora Jackson
Edward Albert He was 32, 55 years old when he died as Tom
George Gobel He was 64, 71 years old when he died as Preacher
Pat Paulsen He was 56, 69 years old when he died as Sheriff Pete

Ellie Crew

Name Department
Peter Wittman as Director. Directing
Ellie poster
Ellie (38 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 01, 1984
  • Runtime: 88 minutes