Election 24 years old

Reading. Writing. Revenge.


Jim McAllister, a well-liked high school government teacher, can't help but notice that successful student Tracy Flick uses less than ethical tactics to get what she wants. When Tracy runs for school president, Jim feels that she will be a poor influence on the student body and convinces Paul, a dim-witted but popular student athlete, to run against Tracy. When she becomes aware of Jim's secret involvement in the race, a bitter feud is sparked.


Election Cast

Name Character
Reese Witherspoon She was 23, now 47 years old as Tracy Enid Flick
Chris Klein He was 20, now 44 years old as Paul Metzler
Nicholas D'Agosto He was 19, now 43 years old as Larry Fouch
Molly Hagan She was 37, now 62 years old as Diane McAllister
Matthew Broderick He was 37, now 61 years old as Jim McAllister
Matt Malloy He was 36, now 60 years old as Vice-Principal Ron Bell
Colleen Camp She was 45, now 70 years old as Judith R. Flick
Mark Harelik He was 47, now 72 years old as Dave Novotny
Jessica Campbell She was 16, now 41 years old as Tammy Metzler
Frankie Ingrassia as Lisa Flanagan
Jeanine Jackson as Jo Metzler
Phil Reeves He was 52, now 77 years old as Walt Hendricks
Delaney Driscoll as Linda Novotny
Holmes Osborne He was 51, now 76 years old as Dick Metzler

Election Crew

Name Department
Jim Taylor as Screenplay. He was 36 (now 60) years old Writing
Albert Berger as Producer. He was 0 (now 23) years old Production
Ron Yerxa as Producer. He was 51 (now 76) years old Production
Rolfe Kent as Music. He was 36 (now 60) years old Sound
Van Toffler as Executive Producer. He was 40 (now 64) years old Production
James Glennon as Director of Photography. He was 56 (64) years old when He died Camera
Jane Ann Stewart as Production Design. Art
Wendy Chuck as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
T.K. Kirkpatrick as Art Direction. Art
Keith Samples as Producer. Production
Lisa Beach as Casting. Production
Tom Perrotta as Novel. He was 37 (now 62) years old Writing
Election poster
Election (24 years)

Reading. Writing. Revenge.

  • Release day: Friday, April 23, 1999
  • Runtime: 103 minutes