Dracula 3000 18 years old

In space there is no daylight.

Dracula 3000

In the year 3000, the deep space salvage ship Mother III locates the vanished starship Demeter in the Carpathian System. Captain Abraham Van Helsing and his crew composed of the blonde assistant Aurora Ash; the crippled navigator Arthur "The Professor" Holmwood, who believes that he is a genius; the strong and dumb Humvee; the intern Mina Murry; and the drug addicted 187, decide to claim the possession of Demeter. While exploring the spacecraft, they see a tape of fifty years ago of Captain Varna telling that he was locked in his cabin since his crew was acting weird after getting a cargo of coffins in Transylvania station. When 187 decides to search in the coffins for some possible hidden dope, he cuts his hand and his blood awakes Count Orlock, a.k.a. Count Dracula. When Aurora discloses who Dracula is, the survivors try to find a way to destroy the vampire.


Dracula 3000 Cast

Name Character
Casper Van Dien He was 35, now 54 years old as Capt. Abraham Van Helsing
Udo Kier He was 59, now 78 years old as Capt. Varna
Tom Lister, Jr. He was 46, now 64 years old as Humvee
Langley Kirkwood He was 31, now 50 years old as Orlock
Erika Eleniak She was 34, now 53 years old as Aurora Ash
Grant Swanby He was 37, now 55 years old as Arthur "The Professor" Holmwood
Alexandra Kamp She was 37, now 56 years old as Mina Murry
Coolio He was 41, now 59 years old as 187

Dracula 3000 Crew

Name Department
Frank Hübner as Producer. He was 53 (now 72) years old Production
Darrell James Roodt as Director. He was 42 (now 61) years old Directing
Darrell James Roodt as Author. He was 42 (now 61) years old Writing
Jonathan Hely-Hutchinson as Production Design. Art
David Wicht as Producer. Production
Avril Beukes as Editor. Editing
Giulio Biccari as Director of Photography. Camera
Ronelle Loots as Editor. Editing
Brad Krevoy as Producer. He was 4 (now 23) years old Production
Michael Hoenig as Original Music Composer. He was 52 (now 71) years old Sound
David Lancaster as Producer. He was 4 (now 23) years old Production
Ivan Milborrow as Author. Writing
Julia Verdin as Casting. Production
Kevin Brazier as Supervising Sound Editor. Sound
Guy Potgieter as Property Master. Crew
Cordell McQueen as Special Effects Coordinator. Crew
Dracula 3000 poster
Dracula 3000 (18 years)

In space there is no daylight.

  • Release day: Monday, August 09, 2004
  • Runtime: 87 minutes
  • Budget: 10000.00