Inside a Girls' Dormitory (Dortoir des grandes) 70 years old

In a little town with a renowned college a female student is found after she was hogtied and strangled to death. Inspector Marco is assigned to catch the murderer.


Inside a Girls' Dormitory Cast

Name Character
Louis de Funès He was 41, 68 years old when he died as Le photographe Triboudot
Jeanne Moreau She was 28, 89 years old when she died as Julie, La Serveuse
Line Noro She was 55, 85 years old when she died
Jean Marais He was 42, 84 years old when he died as Inspecteur Desiré Marco
Dany Carrel She was 20, now 88 years old
Françoise Arnoul She was 24, now 92 years old as Aimée de La Capelle
Noël Roquevert He was 63, 80 years old when he died
Humberto Almazán He was 29, now 99 years old
Denise Grey She was 59, 99 years old when she died
Katherine Kath She was 35, 92 years old when she died

Inside a Girls' Dormitory Crew

Name Department
Henri Decoin as Director. He was 65 (79) years old when He died Directing
Inside a Girls' Dormitory poster
Inside a Girls' Dormitory (70 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, August 15, 1953
  • Runtime: 95 minutes