Death Haunts Monica (La muerte ronda a Mónica) 46 years old

Death Haunts Monica

The marriage between Federico and Monica is on the rocks. Federico has a mistress named Eva. There is a conspiracy between Monica's friend Elena and Eva to take over the company Eurozone owned by Federico. The situation becomes complicating when Diego appears, Federico's former associate.


Death Haunts Monica Cast

Name Character
Yolanda Ríos She was 24, 60 years old when she died
Karin Schubert She was 31, now 77 years old as Elena
Yelena Samarina She was 48, 83 years old when she died as María
Nadiuska She was 23, now 70 years old as Mónica
Jean Sorel He was 41, now 87 years old as Federico
Eduardo Bea
Margarida Minguillón
Bárbara Rey She was 25, now 72 years old as Eva
Sandra Alberti She was 21, now 67 years old
Arturo Fernández He was 46, 90 years old when he died as Arturo
Antonio Canal
Rafael Albaicín He was 56, 62 years old when he died
Jenny Llada She was 22, now 69 years old
Isabel Luque as Trini
Santiago Ontañón He was 73, 86 years old when he died
Luis Barboo He was 48, 74 years old when he died as Isidro

Death Haunts Monica Crew

Name Department
Juan José Alonso Millán as Writer. He was 39 (82) years old when He died Writing
Hans Burmann as Cinematography. Crew
Ramon Fernandez as Director. He was 22 (52) years old when He died Directing
Death Haunts Monica poster
Death Haunts Monica (46 years)

  • Release day: Friday, January 02, 1976
  • Runtime: 80 minutes